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Bulking Stack

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Combines the top bulking agents to make a complete bulking stack for a 6 week bulking cycle.  Save 25%!

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25% when you buy a stack versus buying individual bottles – Only $41 per bottle!


Pack on muscle mass and strength like a Pro within just 25 days with the Stack Labs Bulking Stack. A powerful combination of our best bulking agents, the Bulking Stack offers monster muscle gains, superior strength, and rapid recovery time. Are you a hardgainer? Unleash the beast within you.

Warning: Expect maximum gains with the Stack Labs Bulking Stack!

  • Massive Bulking
  • Mega Muscle Mass Gains
  • Superior Strength Gains
  • Rapid Recovery Time
  • Oral Tablets; Adequately Dosed for Max. Absorption
  • Made in USA; Highest Quality from a Trusted Source
  • Every 3rd item FREE
  • FREE Shipping


1 Anabulk Mass (90 Tablets) – An exceptional strength and hardening agent, highly regarded as a “top-notch” among bodybuilders.

1 Testobulk Mass Testosterone Booster (90 Tablets) – Used for its testosterone boosting properties. Studies have shown its ingredients increase free testosterone levels by over 50%.

1 Decabulk Mass (90 Tablets) – A phenomenal bulking compound for building muscle mass, appetite stimulation, and increased red blood cell production.

1 Danbulk Mass (90 Tablets) – Jumpstart’s your bulking cycle for dramatic increases in protein synthesis, glycogenolysis, and muscle strength over a short period.

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How to Cycle:

6 Week CycleW1W2W3W4W5W6
Anabulk MassStart
Danbulk MassStart
Testobulk MassStart
Decabulk MassStart

A cycle is the time period when you are taking a supplement. This is known as an on-cycle. When you are not taking them, this is known as an off-cycle.

Stacks are a combination of different supplements taken during an on-cycle.

Directions: Refer to the ‘How to Cycle Chart’ above:

Be sure to take each product as directed (see label for directions), even on non-workout days. Use one stack at a time.

For best results, a minimum on-cycle time of 6 weeks is recommended. Use with a suitable diet and exercise program.

Recommended Workout Period: 6 weeks on-cycle and 1.5 week off-cycle

Not toxic to the liver or kidneys. Will not elevate blood pressure.

3 reviews for Bulking Stack

  1. 5 out of 5


    The bulking stack is the most effective stack I’ve tried. I pyramided them for 4 weeks. For the first week nothing really different happened to me but then week 2 rolled around and that was when I really started to notice results. So here I am at the end of a 8 week cycle. I took my last tablets yesterday and I’m about 14lbs heavier and a lot stronger. I recommend this stack to anyone wanting to get over those stubborn plateaus. Of course they aren’t miracle pills – you have to go hard at the gym, get ample recovery time, and eat sensibly. I plan on doing another bulking cycle in a month or so. Unlike other bulking stacks that make you think you’re just swallowing chalk, the ingredients in each product have high doses so this stuff actually works for mass, strength, and focus.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This stack worked great after I took them as directed. I’m stronger than ever and the biggest I have ever been. They supplement nicely with my workouts and bodybuilding diet.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Awesome products! The results I have been getting are phenomenal. I have been lifting weights that I haven’t lifted since my competitive days. I have been achieving my PBs without a struggle, benching 180kg or hammer curling 50kg. I am extremely happy with the product and I will ramp them up.

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