What Are The Beneits of Pre Exhaustion Training?

Pre-exhaustion is a technique that can be used every now and then to shock a muscle and bring it to a greater level of failure than when one reaches failure on a single exercise. This is an advanced technique and requires high intensity levels in order to carry out the second of the 2 exercises involved in the “super set”.

The idea behind pre-exhaustion it is that certain exercises target a specific muscle while working other secondary muscles involved in the lift while certain exercises completely isolate the target muscle. For example, bench presses work the chest primarily while the delts and triceps are involved, where as dumbbell chest flys can be performed such that the triceps and majority of the delts are removed.

As an example with chest. start with a set of dumbbell flys or pec deck to failure then immediately go to barbell or dumbbell bench presses flat or incline. You won’t be able to use as much weight on the pressing movement as normal, but you will shock your muscles into growing.

When blasting biceps, start with hammer curls, which hits mainly the brachialis part of the bicep. Hit failure and go right to barbell curls. this will really shock the biceps.

Many think you must always start with bench presses, heavy curls or heavy tricep movement in order to grow. What I have found from my experiences is that muscles respond to intensity! Not necessarily the load applied however that is also an important factor. And remember, as intensity increases volume should decrease.


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