Are You Eating Enough to Gain Muscle?

Did you know that many diets can actually cause you to GAIN fat instead of losing? That’s because they can severely restrict the amount of food you’re consuming, how often you’re eating, how many calories you get, and how much fat is in your diet.

Restricting your calorie intake too much or not eating often enough can actually cause your body to enter ‘starvation mode’. If the body thinks it isn’t getting enough food, it thinks there may be a famine occurring. The body’s natural reaction to famine is to store as much fat as possible, and to hold on to the fat it has.

If you eat so little that your body goes into starvation mode, it will become increasingly difficult to lose fat. The longer you restrict food, and the fewer calories you consume, the more desperately it will hold on to the fat it has stored.

In some cases, you may even start to gain as the body tries to store up as much fat as possible to help you survive the famine! This is common with many diets, and may be one of the primary reasons that so many people experience “stalls” or “plateaus” on diets. The body may be reacting in a way that causes it to hold on
to fat.


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