Bodybuilding Affiliate Program by Stack Labs
We pay the HIGHEST commissions!

Bodybuilding Affiliate Program

45% Commission per Sale

$112 Average Order Value

5.2% Average Conversion Rate

$1.15 Earnings per Click (EPC)

Bodybuilding Supplements for Bulking, Cutting, & Fat Burning

Effective Ingredients – NO Side Effects

11 Individual Products, Including 3 Stacks/Combos to Promote

About the Brand

Stack Labs’ high-quality bodybuilding supplements are formulated to increase muscle mass and strength, performance, and reduce fat levels safely and legally, with NO side effects.

Due to bodybuilding’s huge popularity, sports nutrition supplements have become highly sought after among bodybuilders and serious gym junkies, who want bigger, better, and faster results.  Building muscle and getting fit is no longer just for bodybuilders. As more gyms open their doors, building muscle and strength has become very popular among the general public over the past few years. Developing a muscular, toned and healthy physique is what both men and women frequently train hard for.

As a pioneer brand in this niche, Stack Labs has met this demand and kept growing. Selling globally, Stack Labs’ brand recognition keeps rising every year. With high quality products being exposed among bodybuilders, athletes, and personal trainers, Stack Labs continues to be the number one brand of choice.

Free Shipping

Multiple Promotions

Mobile Friendly Site

Live Chat Support

Social Media Presence

Free How To Guides

Your Earnings Potential

Bodybuilding Affiliate Program Earnings
Your Monthly Traffic Monthly Earnings Annual Earnings
500 $1,311 $15,725
1,000 $2,621 $31,450
2,000 $5,242 $62,890
3,000 $7,863 $94,349
4,000 $10,484 $125,799
5,000 $13,104 $157,248
6,000 $15,725 $188,698
7,000 $18,346 $220,148
8,000 $20,967 $251,597
9,000 $23,588 $283,047
10,000+ $26,208+ $314,496+


Get hundreds of promotional resources to help you promote Stack Labs to your website traffic. If we don’t have something you need, just tell us and we’ll create it for you.


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You can sell more by targeting the right people.  These are the people interested in Stack Labs’ products:

Top 10 Sales Countries
Rank Country Percentage
1. USA 63.2%
2. United Kingdom 15.2%
3. Canada 6.4%
4. Australia 5.9%
5. South Africa 3.1%
6. France 2.5%
7. Italy 1.2%
8. Norway 1.0%
9. Denmark 1.0%
10. Spain 0.5%
Analytics Data Shows:

85% of Visitors are Male

63% of visitors are 22-45 years old

77% of visitors use their mobile phone

Ongoing Help Promoting Stack Labs

How to Promote Stack Labs Guide

Expert Advice: Our friendly Affiliate Managers are always here for you to offer their expertise no matter what your marketing experience level is. From the start-up phase and beyond, we’ll help grow your affiliate business because that’s what we do.

Free Website Review: We’ll give you a comprehensive review of your site and offer the most up-to-date advice to help you boost your site’s rankings, performance, and conversions. Simply contact your Affiliate Manager once your site is complete.

Bonuses and Sales Incentives: Stack Labs is always running bonuses and incentives to help keep you hungry to earn more.

100% Commission Weekends: Each month we offer you the chance to earn 100% commission (yes you get to keep it all) on all of your sales referrals.  This is just one example of a popular bonus that we offer.

We send details about our upcoming offers to you regularly via social media, email, and our newsletter.

Here's why affiliates love promoting Stack Labs

Affiliate Testimonials

I have multiple websites promoting this niche and they all bring high converting traffic to the site. My monthly revenue is 5 figures and growing.  I’m very greatful for Stack Labs and recommend their program to any online marketer. Thank you Stack Labs for being a great source of income.

Deven Patel
Deven PatelOnline Affiliate

Stack Labs has become my top earner. The promos are great, the site navigates easily, free shipping, premium, high-demand supplements – what’s not to like from a customer’s and affiliate’s eyes? They have great support and on-time payments. I wouldn't change a thing.

Michael Vogt
Michael VogtAffiliate Marketer

As a newbie at affiliate marketing, I started promoting Stack Labs 2 years ago. I think their products are the right ones to promote due to the strong demand for them. They are well received in the market.  I know I’m on the right track because of my high commissions.

John Kim
John KimOnline Sales

Stack Labs’ affiliate program rocks!  I’ve shifted my focus only on this company and I’m not turning back. I’m getting steady commissions because their products convert really well.  I love promoting a leader in the bodybuilding supplement niche. Stack Labs is the perfect brand.

Andrew Fetrow
Andrew FetrowOnline Affiliate

Whoever came up with the Stack Labs affiliate program is a genius. They’ve been my top commission earners for the last year. Payments are frequent and on time. Everything is automated. They’ll continue to be my bread and butter for a long time. They are all an affiliate needs.

Janet Collis
Janet CollisAffiliate Sales

I found the Stack Labs affiliate program while looking to market bodybuilding supplements. Their products are for every type of bodybuilder. They have a great selection to promote. I’m glad I joined them because my commissions keep growing. I highly recommend Stack Labs.

Carlos Beltran
Carlos BeltranAffiliate Marketer

Promotional Guidelines

Before starting your campaigns, it’s important that you read our advertising policy about banded domains and PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. It’s important not to breach these terms so your account doesn’t get suspended.

Branded Domains: Allowed

Brand Bidding: Allowed

Coupon Code Sites: Not Allowed

PPC Landing Page: Affiliate (Your) Website

Sales Tracking & Reporting

You’ll have access to invaluable sales data about your campaigns.  This provides substantial benefits to you and can help you grow your business and manage your valuable time more effectively.  Not only can you track each sale, but you can also analyze patterns and look at historical data to help you with your marketing.

Lifetime Cookies

Automatic Sales Notifications

Industry Leading Tracking

Detailed Sales Reporting

Payment Frequency & Methods

Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly payouts occurring on the 1st and 15th day of every month

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer (USA and Foreign) – Payoneer – Skrill – Paxum

Payout Currencies: US Dollars (USD) – We send your payment in USD. Your receiving institution should allow you to receive funds in USD (if you have a USD account) and/or may allow you to convert it to the currency of your choice (if you have a non-USD account).

Stack Labs Bodybuilding Affiliate Program