5 Great Bodybuilding Drinks for a Ripped Physique

In the world of bodybuilding diet and nutrition, you hear a lot of information about what foods to eat, but what about what to drink? The truth is that what you choose to knock back is very important too. Keep reading for some of our recommendations on what is best to drink.

Without a doubt, water is the best bodybuilding diet beverage to drink most of the time. Water is great because it thoroughly hydrates the body. Additionally, it is good because it flushes things like toxins out of the body. Generally speaking, at least eight glasses of water should be consumed each and every day. However, more might be needed depending on training and so forth. For some variety and flavor, try adding a bit of lemon or lime to the water.

Another great bodybuilding diet drink is green tea. Green tea is probably the healthiest type of tea, since it is rich in beneficial antioxidants. Also, it contains some caffeine, which is good for a boost of energy. If you like your tea sweet, use a small amount of a healthy sweetener, such as stevia.

A third bodybuilding diet beverage that we would suggest is low fat or fat free milk. Milk is probably one of the most nourishing things to drink. It contains a good amount of protein, which promotes muscle mass. Additionally, it is great for the health of the bones, since it contains calcium and vitamin D.

A fourth excellent bodybuilding diet drink is fruit juice. However, we are not referring to juice that is from a concentrate and/or has a lot of added sugar (juice already naturally contains sugar!). We are referring to fresh, natural fruit juice. One of the best juices in our opinion is orange, since it has a lot of vitamin C, which is great for the immune system. A few other beneficial juices that we would recommend consist of pomegranate, cranberry, grape, and apple.

Vegetable juice is another bodybuilding diet beverage that we suggest. Like the fruit juice we mentioned, the vegetable juice should not be from a concentrate and so forth. Again, fresh and natural is ideal. Technically a fruit, one of the best “vegetable” juices comes from the tomato. Like orange juice, it has beneficial vitamin C. Another healthy juice that we would suggest is carrot, since it is also a good source of vitamins.

As stated, water is the best bodybuilding diet drink and you should make it your main beverage of choice. Also as stated, drinks like juice (and even milk!), naturally contain sugar, so limit your daily intake. Also generally speaking, try to avoid juices, milk, and so forth late at night.

The bottom line is that what you choose to throw back is just as important as what you choose to eat. Unhealthy drinks, like unhealthy foods can negatively affect a bodybuilding diet. On the other hand, healthy drinks, like healthy foods can be highly beneficial. Everything you put in your body must be chosen wisely!

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  • Jack Kennedy Posted June 20, 2018 10:34 am

    i am 74 years old and am having trouble gaining wait and building more mass
    am otherwise in good health and have very good muscle tone


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