How to Bodybuild Without a Gym

Whether it be due to business, travel, or other circumstances, getting to a full gym is not always possible. Unfortunately, many people use these types of circumstances as an excuse to slack off from their bodybuilding workouts. However, training can be done pretty much anywhere with little or no gym equipment at all. Read on to learn about how to effectively work out when the getting to a gym is not an option.

The bodybuilding workouts mentioned here can be done almost anywhere. Furthermore, they basically require only two things. The first thing is simply the weight of your own body. The second thing is a traditional resistance band, which is very portable. In, fact, it can be easily packed in pretty much any type of travel luggage. Additionally, a resistance band is not going to break the bank. Typically, it costs about $20 and can be found online or at pretty much any store that sells fitness equipment. A resistance band is definitely a smart investment for anyone (even travelers) that takes bodybuilding seriously.

One of the best bodybuilding workout exercises to do when away from the gym is the traditional pushup. It only requires the weight of your own body for maximum effect. To switch things up a bit, try doing variations of this classic exercise, such as the diamond pushup.

Another great mobile exercise to do is the crunch. Like the pushup, this exercise also uses the weight of your body as resistance. Variations of this exercise can also be performed, such as the twisted crunch.

The dip is another excellent bodybuilding workout exercise to do when the gym is not accessible. This exercise requires the weight of your body, a chair, bed, or another similar item that is easily available. To do this exercise, turn away from the chair, put your hands back on the seat, extend your legs out toward the ground, and dip.

A variety of other effective bodybuilding training exercises can be done with the resistance band. For instance, curls can be performed with it by standing on its middle and curling it up using the handles. Other exercises that can be done with it are squats, triceps extensions, shoulder presses, and rows.

Cardio should also not be neglected when out of town and so forth. Go out for a run or jog. If that is not possible, try doing some jumping jacks or a similar type of exercise.

Other factors (in addition to working out) should not be forgotten when away. These factors include supplementation and strictly sticking to a bodybuilding diet. The fact is that being away can be distracting, but it is important to consistently stick to your total bodybuilding regimen. “Cheat meals” are allowed if eaten in moderation and on rare occasion.

So the next time you find that you have to travel out of town, do not slack off from your bodybuilding training. Do not make excuses. There is no reason to. Simply remember these tips. Instead of losing gains while away, you can easily maintain or improve them!


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