What’s True and False About Bodybuilding?

A lot of information regarding training, diet, supplementation, and so forth is floating around out in the world of bodybuilding. Some of this information is true, but unfortunately some of it is false. Keep reading for some common beliefs about bodybuilding and to find out if they are valid or just plain untrue.

Fat and Muscle: One very widespread belief about bodybuilding training is that fat can be turned to muscle. This is absolutely false! The fact is that fat can only be fat and muscle can only be muscle. They are two totally different bodily tissues. One cannot magically convert to the other. If you want to have more muscle than fat, you must burn off the fat and gain muscle through exercise, diet, and the use of bodybuilding supplements.

Another belief about fat is that it can be lost in specific areas of the body. For example, a lot of people think that by doing crunches, fat can be lost specifically around the stomach. Like the other fat myth, this is false. The truth is that whenever you perform any kind of exercise, fat is automatically lost, including around the abdomen.  Note that genetics can cause more fat to be lost in certain areas compared to other areas. Everyone’s results will vary.

Diet: Another pretty common belief in terms of your bodybuilding diet is that fat should be entirely avoided. This is another belief that just does not have any truth to it. The fact is that some fat (in moderation) is needed in every diet to be healthy. In fact, some fat actually promotes the health of the muscles and joints. Furthermore, this belief does not just apply to fat. Every bodybuilding diet needs to be properly balanced with all of the different food groups.

Training: A common thought about bodybuilding training is that it is not good to just stick with the same old routine all of the time. In other words, it is beneficial to try out new routines every now and then. This notion is true! Changing up a routine is recommended because you do not want your muscles to get used to the flexure movements. To not plateau and to keep adding muscle mass, workout variation is crucial.

One last widespread idea about bodybuilding is that it is a lifestyle. This one is also true. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle because it affects your daily life. It affects everything from what you eat to what you choose to do in your spare time.

Keep what you’ve just read in mind while bodybuilding so as not to be held back due to doubt or uncertainty. These truths will help you reach your bodybuilding goals with force and conviction! Do you other bodybuilding falsities?


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