Trenbolone (slang name Tren)

Trenbolone (slang term Tren) has been used as an anabolic agent in veterinary practice and originated in 1963 but wasn’t marketed commercially until the early 1980’s under the brand name Finaject in France by the drug company Roussell AG of Germany. In Great Britain, it was supplied by Hoechst during that time. Trenbolone was eventually removed from those markets in October 1988.

A brand name for Trenbolone is Parabolan, which was first supplied for human consumption by the drug company Schering AG from Germany. When sold as Parabolan, acetate is added to the drug to create Trenbolone Acetate. By adding acetate, the half life of this steroid in the body is extended. It is supplied as a 76mg ampule. Trenbolone acetate can be taken daily, averaging up to two ampules per week. It also comes in oral (tablet) form, which is popular among females. Considered to be very effective, Trenbolone acetate can also be very toxic but despite this, it has developed a cult-like following amongst bodybuilders worldwide.

Trenbolone has also been marketed in the USA under the brand name Finajet (without the “c”) and has been positively received by American athletes due to its strength enhancing ability. It has a very unique ability to impart noticeable strength gains without large muscle growth. It is for this reason that it is popular among Power lifters due to them needing to belong to a single weight class. Strength gains without large muscle growth means a gain in lean mass and for this reason, Bodybuilders have taken a liking to Trenbolone as well. It is considered to be tailor-made for bodybuilding competitions.

Because Trenbolone is an androgen, using it can cause oily skin, acne, and aggressiveness. If abused by users, it can be toxic to the kidneys, cause an increase in blood pressure, and alter moods. Headaches may also arise but this is not uncommon when taking potent androgens. Despite Tren’s reputation not to aromatize, it has been known to cause gynecomastia in some males. If abused, it may enlarge the prostate. On the flipside, Trenbolone will not cause water retention among users, thus avoiding the “puffy” or bloated look, which is common to other lean mass steroids. Additionally, it is not considered to be toxic to the liver when used as directed.

Trenbolone was initially made as an injectable steroid. It is considered to be non-recreational. The common dosing is 1ml injected up to three times per week. Because acetates can cause an allergic reaction in some people, swelling and a rash may develop where the injection occurs. This amount of dosing is enough to cause great strength gains. Due to these factors, females are not advised to take this anabolic steroid.

Due to Trenbolone’s extreme popularity, it is not uncommon for this steroid to be counterfeited and such counterfeits can be difficult to detect because the packaging is copied very well. In fact, among bodybuilders that have taken such counterfeits, many have complimented the quality and effectiveness of the “drug.” At one time, 97% of all Finajet that was sold in the USA was believed to be counterfeit.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned Trenbolone both in and out of competition.


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