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Anavar-Oxa 10 is a popular choice amongst bodybuilders in cutting cycles to preserve their muscle tissues when on a calorie restricted diet. Anavar-Oxa 10 has potent fat cutting properties and increases stamina and speed by reducing bulk. Hence the product is commonly used by athletes in performance sports where speed is more crucial than bulk.

What is Anavar-Oxa 10?

Anavar-Oxa 10 is a synthetic supplement based on the anabolic properties of steroid oxandrolone, but it does not exhibit the side effects of Oxandrolone. Oxandrolone is also popularly known by its brand name Anavar.

Anavar-Oxa 10 has moderate anabolic effects and very mild androgenic effects. So while you will not attain massive bulking gains, you can look forward to muscle preservation and development of lean muscle tissue. It is known to build lean muscles rapidly.

Benefits of Anavar-Oxa 10 (Oxandrolone)
Anavar-Oxa 10 is one of your best options for getting a ripped, rock hard physique. By cutting away the fat, this supplement helps you expose the muscles underneath that you have worked so hard to achieve. Anavar-Oxa 10 helps build lean muscle tissue and the gains remain for considerable periods after its use.

Because of its unique chemical structure, oxandrolone causes zero/low water retention. Hence there is no water accumulation (aka bloating) in between muscle fibers. So you build tighter, leaner and lighter muscles, rather than fat filled bulk.  Whatever gains you experience with Anavar-Oxa 10, it is 100% solid muscle tissue resulting in a tight and sculpted look.

Because of the specific properties of oxandrolone, Anavar-Ox 10 is perfectly safe and free from side effects like gynaecomastia, testicular shrinkage, acne, etc. You don’t experience adverse effects on blood pressure and cardiac health.

How Does Anavar-Oxa 10 (Oxandrolone) Work?
Anavar-Oxa 10 (Oxandrolone) mainly exerts its effects by preventing the action of glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids are hormones produced by the body, which promote breakdown of protein and inhibit protein synthesis. This process has disastrous effects on your muscle mass. By inhibiting the action of glucocorticoids, Anavar-Ox 10 helps preserve your muscle mass, not break it down.

Anavar-Oxa 10 also has impact on enhancing protein synthesis, but the muscle gains are minimal and not as colossal as with Dianabal-Dbol or Deca-Durabol. But because of the minimal water retention, whatever muscle you do gain is lean muscle mass.

Anavar-Oxa 10 has potent fat burning properties and increases the rate of metabolism, helping get rid of fatty tissue and reveal hard muscles hiding beneath. There is no uncomfortable bloating because of its zero/ low water retention properties.

How to Use Anavar?
It is recommended to use Anavar in the last leg of your cutting cycle. The leaner you already are, more effective Anavar-Oxa 10 can be for you.

Take 2 Anavar-Oxa 10 supplements everyday including on non-workout days. On workout days, take it 30-45 minutes prior to working out.

Anavar-Oxa 10 can be taken alone or it can be stacked with other components of your cutting cycle such as Andriol-Test 40Winstral-V 50, Clenbuterol-Clen and/or Trenbolic 100

For best results, use Anavar-Oxa 10 continuously for 2 months. Take a 1.5 week break before restarting the supplement.

Anavar-Oxa 10 has one of the safest profiles amongst available oral anabolics. This combined with impressive, long-lasting results is a great reason for you to place your Anavar-Oxa 10 order today.

Anavar-Oxa 10 Summary
Anavar-Oxa 10 is used in cutting cycles when quality, lean muscle gain is favored over bloating and water retention.  It increases lean muscle mass by increasing the nitrogen uptake in the muscles, leading to an increase in the rate of protein synthesis. Increases metabolism to burn excess fat deposits, while decreasing the rate of protein and carbohydrate catabolism. Does not cause water retention (aka bloating) and will not convert to estrogen. See noticeable results in a little as two (2) weeks!

When taken as directed, will NOT cause physical side effects (i.e. acne, hair loss, bad breath, insomnia, mood swings, testicular shrinkage, erectile dysfunction, clitoral hypertrophy (in females), gynecomastia (aka bitch tits), liver, kidney, prostate, or cardiovascular damage.

Formulated to stack with Andriol-Test 40 Winstral-V 50, Clenbuterol-Clen, and/or Trenbolic 100

Item: 1 bottle of Anavar-Oxa 10 (Oxandrone)
Serving Size: 1 Tablet (10mg)
Servings Per Bottle: 90 Tablets

Directions: Take one (1) tablet 2 - 3 times daily with meals, even on non-workout days. On workout days, take 30-45 minutes before working out.
For best results, use for at least 2 months.
Workout Period: 2 months “on” and 1.5 weeks “off”.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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