The Best Foods That Build Muscle

Best Muscle Building Foods

 Bodybuilding doesn’t only involve lifting weights. The truth is that even the best workout plan won’t give you the results that you want if your nutrition or diet plan is bad. What makes a good bodybuilding diet plan you ask? Well, it should consist of enough protein, healthy fat, carbs, calories, and so forth that will promote lean mass and strength. Read on if you want to find out some of the best food sources.

Dried Oatmeal
It’s best to eat oatmeal raw as opposed to cooked for bodybuilding purposes.  Why? Because the former is much more dense in size building calories. Yes, eating raw oatmeal may sound a bit plain, but you can spice it up with your favorite healthy milk and toppings, such as various types of fruit.

Nut Butters
Types, such as all natural peanut butter, almond butter, and so forth are some of the best options. They are very dense in calories and they are also a pretty good source of muscle building protein and healthy fat. Use your favorite type as an added ingredient for fruit, shakes, sandwiches, or by itself. The possibilities are pretty much infinite!
Nut ButtersNuts
Obviously, if nut butters are on this list, nuts themselves should be too. They have pretty much the same bodybuilding benefits as the butters stated. Eat them as a convenient snack or add them to meals like dried oatmeal.

This is probably the best type of fish that you can eat if you practice bodybuilding. It has a lot of protein and omega-3. Omega-3 is a type of healthy fat that aids in sensitivity to insulin, which ultimately supports lean mass. Also, it contains a lot more calories than other kinds of fish, like tilapia. Salmon is tasty grilled or baked and it goes great with a variety of side dishes, such as quinoa.

Beef that is Grass Fed
Beef that is grass fed is not only high in protein and calories. It also has something known as CLA fat. CLA fat helps you get lean and ripped, since it helps get rid of unwanted bodily fat. Additionally, this type of beef promotes energy for weight lifting, since it contains the mineral iron. Try it out grilled with your favorite fresh vegetables.

Avocados are high in calories and healthy fats. On a side note and as an added bonus, the unsaturated fat in them promotes healthy levels of cholesterol. What’s more is that avocados are a good source of vitamin E, which is beneficial your hair and skin. They go great in dips, sauces, salads, and sandwiches to name a few.
Quinoa is full of protein and healthy complex carbohydrates, which support the recovery process. Additionally, it’s also a pretty good source for calories. Use it as a healthier, better alternative for foods like rice.

Bananas are probably the best fruit for bodybuilding. In addition to containing many necessary vitamins and minerals, they are loaded with calories. Furthermore, they provide simple fruit sugar and starch carbs. The former promotes post workout insulin while the latter promotes steady levels of energy. Eat bananas by themselves or put them in things like oatmeal and shakes.

Whole Milk
Whole milk is often avoided and overlooked because of the saturated fat in it. However, saturated fat isn’t all bad since a limited amount of it can actually support levels of testosterone, which obviously plays a big role in bodybuilding. What’s more is that whole milk offers both calories and protein. Drink it plain or use it as an ingredient for a variety of recipes, such as a healthy casserole.

Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese is arguably the healthiest kind of cheese to include in pretty much any type of diet. Each serving of it has lots of protein and an above average amount of calories. Eat it by itself or with fresh fruit as a topping. It can also be used as a healthy substitution for less healthy cheeses in a variety of recipes, like lasagna.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is a quick and simple way to get a boost of calories and healthy fat. In fact, the fat in it has even been found to promote heart health which is an extra advantage for health and wellness. So use olive oil when prepping meat, such as grass fed beef, to grill. You can also use it for stir fry dishes and so forth.
Olive OilBagels
Bagels are an awesome source of necessary carbs. They have even more of them than traditional bread. It’s best to eat bagels at the end of your weight training workout if you want to put on mass. To enhance their effects, put on some fruit jelly for simple carbs, which supports levels of insulin. A nutter butter, such as peanut butter, is also a good idea for some additional protein and calories.

Both the yolk and white part of eggs are beneficial. The yolk is often written off as the unhealthy portion, but the truth is that it contains a lot of necessary nutrients. A few of them are biotin, riboflavin, vitamin B-12, zinc, phosphorous, and iron. As you may recall from earlier, iron is especially helpful for bodybuilding purposes. As for the white part, it’s good for it’s protein content. Eggs are versatile since they can be prepared in many different ways, such as scrambled or hard boiled. They can even make a great addition to something like a breakfast bagel sandwich.

Does your current bodybuilding diet plan include the foods listed above? If so, are you consuming them often enough? If not, you’re probably not getting the muscle and strength gains that you want. The bottom line is that bodybuilding doesn’t only entail pumping iron. What you eat and drink matters too. So in order to reach your goals, you need to make sure that you’re getting enough calories, protein, carbs, healthy fats, and so forth. Taking bodybuilding supplements is always a good idea too.

Do you have any other great bodybuilding diet foods or drinks to add to those listed in this post? If you do, share them in the comment portion below!


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