How to Defeat Chronic Fatigue Forever

Fatigued Bodybuilder

Are you one of the numerous people that deal with constant fatigue? Specifically, do you find yourself crashing in to bed each night without winding down? Do you find yourself constantly tired throughout each day? If so, please keep reading to learn how to finally put an end to your fatigue once and for all.

Fatigue isn’t just about being physically tired. There are other common symptoms of it too. A few of them are weakened immune health, digestion issues, decreased hunger, mood swings, and depression. Note that if fatigue lasts for more than six months, it could be the indication of another health problem. In order to know for sure, it’s advised to get a checkup by your doctor.

In short, many people develop fatigue due to lifestyle choices. Such choices include:

* Not getting the right amount of sleep
* Consuming lots of unhealthy foods and drinks
* Not exercising enough
* Not handling stress the right way

Hence, it’s necessary to take a closer look at each factor in order to reverse its harmful effects.

Adequate Sleep is Important
A lot of people are unaware that they aren’t sleeping enough. Requirements differ from person to person, but generally speaking, adult men and women should sleep approximately 8 hours each evening. Two factors that play a large role in how much sleep you need are your age and your DNA. One way to find out how much sleep you need is to go to sleep at a set time and keep track of how long you sleep over several weeks without the use of an alarm clock. At the beginning, you’ll probably sleep longer but eventually a pattern will develop where you’ll sleep for the same number of hours each night.  These constant hours of sleep are exactly how much sleep your body requires.
Fatigue from no sleepIt should be noted that lots of people just have trouble falling asleep. In fact, around 60 million people in the USA alone have sleeping disorders. Many of them look to drugs that promote sleep such as Ambien for help. However, drugs like this could lead to negative side effects like:

* Depressed mood
* Cancer
* Death
* Infections
* Bad dreams, hallucinations, etc.

Fortunately, there are a variety of effective drug free tips you can follow, some of which are:

* Stay away from chemicals like nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. It’s pretty much common knowledge that both nicotine and caffeine can hinder sleep. However, a lot of people actually think that alcohol aids in the sleep process. Yes, it can make falling asleep easier, but alcohol eventually has a negative effect on sleeping cycles.

* Prioritize sleep. It’s just as important as healthy nutrition and regular workouts are.

* Make your room cold, silent, and dark. This signals your brain to “shut down” your body. Also, try to avoid bright lights when preparing for sleep since they can diminish the bodily hormone known as melatonin, which aids in sleep.

* Turn off your television, computer, and/or phone about one hour before sleep. They give off a type of blue bright light, which as also isn’t good for melatonin.

* Do activities before sleep that are calming, like putting on relaxing music, bathing, meditating, or reading. Try not to do anything that’s mentally or physically demanding.

* Don’t watch the time. Doing so only adds stress, which raises levels of cortisol, which in turn makes it difficult to sleep. If you simply can’t get to sleep, do one of the activities listed in the previous tips.

* Go to sleep and wake up at consistent times each day in order to regulate your internal body clock.

* Avoid working out right before sleep. Give yourself at least a few hours between your workout and bedtime. This lets both the temperature and the levels of cortisol in your body decrease, which is good for sleep.

* Take health supplements that promote sleep. The following are some of the beneficial ingredients that these supplements contain:

Melatonin: In addition to being in your brain, it’s also present in certain foods. Studies have indicated that supplementing with it aids in falling asleep quicker and improves the quality of sleep you get. Roughly 450 mcg to 4 mg should be taken about a half hour before sleep. Start with the lower dose at first.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid): This is a type of amino acid that is known for its calming effect. Studies show that if the brain doesn’t have enough GABA, it’s easier to wake up in the middle of your sleep. Around 450 to 550 mg should be taken before you go to sleep.

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan): This is an amino acid that assists both GABA and melatonin.

Hydrate Yourself and Eat Nutritiously
One of the main staples of any healthy diet should be water. Studies show that not getting enough of it can worsen fatigue, mood, anxiousness and cognition. The recommended amount each day for adults is roughly one gallon. Keep in mind that approximately 19% of the needed daily water is already contained in what you eat, so you have to drink the remaining 81 percent.

Foods that HydrateWhat you choose to eat is very important too. Studies indicate that there is a connection between your diet and level of motivation. Specifically, it was found that a diet with a lot of processed foods, saturated fat, and sugar lead to laziness. What’s more is that the laziness wasn’t solely due to an increase in weight.  Another study concluded that such a state of mind actually starts after about just a week, which is before much weight can even be gained. Conversely, if you get into the habit of eating unhealthy and then switch to a better diet, the feeling of laziness won’t go away as quickly. Therefore, it’s best to eat healthy most of the time and allow a “cheat meal” every so often as opposed to the opposite.

More research indicates that eating unhealthy could cause inflammation of the brain. Did you know that your central nervous system and stomach are interconnected? This means that what you choose to put in your body affects things like your mood. Additionally, studies reveal that if you deal with constant fatigue, you’re more than likely deal with stomach issues too. Hence, you can support the health of your stomach and prevent fatigue with healthy foods and supplements like probiotics.

Get the Right Amount of Exercise
If you’re dealing with fatigue, working out probably sounds like climbing Mount Everest. However, studies indicate that it’s highly beneficial for fighting fatigue. Specifically, 65 studies that included about 6,500 individuals concluded that more than 90% increased energy by regularly working out. However, take note that working out too much can have the opposite effect. The fact is that working out stresses the body, so too much of it can lead to high chronic stress levels and your body will not be able to recover from your workouts as it normally should.

Handle Stress Properly
The exact determinants of fatigue are hard to determine because of the many psychological and physical factors associated with it. We sometimes get in a sour mood which makes us tired and conversely our physical fatigue can sour our mood.

It’s easy to think that fatigue’s physical causes are the main reason but it’s important to remember that fatigue also has a psychological aspect to it. The main takeaway is that boosting your spirits has a very positive effect on fighting fatigue.

Ways to handle fatigueTo prove this point, let’s take childbirth as an example. No doubt, many females are physically exhausted after this process and research has taught us that laughing regularly decreases fatigue and postpartum depression. If laughing crazily can cause new mothers to repair their stressed nerves, it can definitely help us as well.

It’s long been said, and there is numerous evidence to prove this, that laughing regularly can cause us to improve our overall mental and physical well being. Laughter definitely reduces stress, helps eliminate pain, increases immunity against disease, and therefore improves our quality of life. The same can be said for music. So if you want to give yourself a better life, laugh and listen to music every day.

Take These Supplements
Now that you know about what causes fatigue and the lifestyle choices you should make to eliminate it, it’s time to learn about what supplements will help help fight fatigue.

* Rhodiola Rhosea: Studies have shown that taking 150 mg per day of this will reduce the symptoms of stress that are commonly caused by work, school, relationships, finances, etc. and therefore helps to eliminate fatigue. Around 140 mg of it each day is effective.

* L-Tyrosine: This is a kind of amino acid that guards against stress. It does this by helping your body make dopamine and adrenaline. This might sound weird, but the truth is that fatigue actually starts when the body can’t make such neurotransmitters. About 400 to 1900 mg of it should be taken prior to a stress inducing occasion such as working out, an exam, etc.
Creatine for fatigue
* L-Ornithine: Constant stress leads to excess ammonia within blood that leads to fatigue. Using the amino acid L-Ornithine alleviates this by promoting the urea cycle, which is an important metabolic process. Approximately 3 to 5 grams every day is recommended.

* Creatine: This is naturally made within the body. It’s also present in foods such as red meat. Creatine promotes energy, strength, endurance, and muscle. Additionally, it helps prevent achy muscles to come from regular workouts.

The Takeaway on Defeating Fatigue
Beating fatigue involves healthy choices related to diet, supplementation, and lifestyle. In short, you have to drink an ample amount of water, eat healthy, work out, sleep enough, manage stress, and take the right supplements.

Do you know other ways to help lessen fatigue? If so, please share it with us by commenting!


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