D-Bol (Methandrostenolone)

Dbol is an oral anabolic steroid used for bulking cycles. Commonly referred to as Dbol, it is also known as Dianabol (a commercial name) or Methandrostenolone (a chemical name). Dbol is the abbreviated or slang version. It is formulated for performance enhancement and was first developed in the mid 1950’s in Germany. Bodybuilders commonly use it to add muscle mass and strength.


Chemical Analysis of D-Bol

The anabolic rating of Dbol is 210, while its androgenic rating is 60. Such an androgenic rating is considered to be weak. The best way to administer Dbol is to take it two times per day, being careful not to skip a day. In chemical terms, it is grouped into the C17-alpha anabolic category and as a result, it keeps its potency as it filters though the liver and into the blood stream for the first time. It binds with androgen receptors to enhance nitrogen retention and increase protein synthesis as well as glycogenolysis. When glycogen is broken down, the body’s caloric intake is maximized which aids in muscle development. Increased nitrogen levels help to increase our body’s anabolic performance. Added protein synthesis helps muscle cells grow during workouts and recover afterwards. When combined, these three attributes make Dbol the most popular anabolic steroid ever developed and sought after.


Reasons to Use D-Bol

Dbol is best used during off-season periods and is taken gradually during this time. It is primarily used during bulking cycles and is not recommended for cutting cycles. It offers a rapid build up in muscle mass and strength. To quantify this, this means gains of upto 10 pounds in as little as 4 weeks are common. It is normally used with testosterone and/or another bulking anabolic so that the effects of the latter steroid can take effect when Dbol stops being used. Hence, Dbol is commonly used as a jump starter for longer bulking cycles and should be taken in lower doses.

As a performance enhancer, it helps to increase an athletes speed and endurance. Its ability to break down glycogen will allow for maximum caloric intake, which will result in increased energy levels needed to perform well and to stimulate muscle recovery during the recovery period. Due to these results, Dbol has earned its reputation thoughout the years as a potent oral legal steroid.

How to Cycle D-bol

For best results, Dbol (oral form) should be cycled in the following way:

Week 1: 50 mg daily
Week 2: 50 mg daily

Week 3: 100 mg daily
Week 4: 100 mg daily

Week 5: 50 mg daily
Week 6: 50 mg daily

Dbol is commonly stacked with the aromatase inhibitor Arimidex (1 mg/daily) and/or with testosterone (250 mg/week).


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