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Clenbuteroxyl 20 is a fat burner that offers the maximum breakdown of fat during your cutting cycle.  Its powerful thermogenic characteristics are highly sought after by both celebrities and athletes. You’ll lose weight for aesthetic purposes and reduce the health risks associated with being over weight. Your body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) will increase, making you burn more calories at rest and during exercise, which results in quicker fat and weight loss. You’ll look leaner after dropping inches from your waistline.

Clenbuteroxyl 20's effectiveness as a lean muscle agent comes from its ability to promote protein synthesis as well as reduce protein degradation. This increase in muscle protein means true muscle hypertrophy. The combination of an increase in lipolysis and an increase in muscle mass allows you to develop a very lean, muscular physique.

As a bodybuilder, it’s great for contest preparation. You’ll strip away fat and expose your ripped muscles. As an athlete who competes in specific weight classes such as rowing, boxing, etc., it’s the thermogenic you need because of its potent lipolytic action.

Clenbuteroxyl 20 improves your aerobic capacity by increasing your cardiovascular performance. It increases the transport of oxygen throughout your body. Since more oxygen becomes available, the aerobic capacity of your muscles increase, and you’ll be able to push yourself harder and longer during intense endurance workouts.


  • Burns Fat; Thermogenics Metabolize Fat Mass for a Tight, Sculpted Look
  • Develops and Maintains Lean Muscle within 30 Days; Ideal for Cutting Cycles
  • Enhances Aerobic Capacity; Increases Oxygen Transport
  • Oral Tablets; Adequately Dosed for Max. Absorption
  • Made in USA; Highest Quality From a Trusted Source

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Stacks With

Stacking is a proven technique to amplify your results. For the best results during your cutting cycle, stack Clenbuteroxyl 20 with:

Stanobolic 50, Oxandrixyl 10 and/or Trenbolic 100.

How to Take It

Directions: Take 1 tablet 3 times daily with meals. On workout days, take 1 tablet 30-45 minutes before working out.

Workout Period: For best results, use for at least 2 months, then go “off-cycle” for 1.5 weeks.

Buy Clenbuteroxyl 20 TODAY!

Item: 1 bottle of Clenbuteroxyl 20
Serving size: 1 Tablet (20mcg)
Servings per Bottle: 90 tablets

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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it worked

i lost like about 3lbs on this. was 220 went down 210 working out and using this stuff

Anthony D :: 2012-12-03 00:47

This S**T Works!

I am a 40yr old male and have been using Clenbuteroxyl from Stack Labs for about a month now and I have to say that this burner really works. I was skeptical at first but after stacking with a protein powder, A-HD and Solid for a month. I see results and so does everyone else who knows me. Lost about eight pounds! I did not get jitters like with other fat burners. I will add Trenbolic to my stack next month. Can't wait to see my results.

Dean R :: 2012-07-25 17:38

Lost my weight

I used the StackLabs Clenbuteroxyl capsules and lost 10 pounds this month! Very happy!... C. Reynolds, Portland

Anonymous :: 2008-09-24 18:05

Very Satisified

Such a magnificent product, makes you feel healthy just taking them! L. Bozic, Palm Beach, FL

Anonymous :: 2008-09-24 18:04

Fat Dissolved

I feel my energy lifting while the fat dissolves, all thanks to the Clenbuteroxyl fat burning capsules. M. Hermary, Maine

Anonymous :: 2008-09-24 18:03

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