Which Barbell Squats Increase Muscle Development?

The human body will eventually adapt to any sustained routine so any work out routine should be changed periodically for continued muscle development. Although many workouts can be used on the barbell squat for strength and endurance, we recommend the pyramid style workout as follows:

Warm up by jogging or other non-strenuous exercises to get a good sweat.

1st SET – Empty bar 15 reps.

2nd SET – 1/3 of maximum weight (defined as the most weight an athlete can
do 5 reps with) 12 reps.

3rd SET – 2/3 of maximum weight 10 reps.

4th SET – Maximum weight 5-6 reps.

Take a short break (1-2 minutes)

5th SET – Maximum weight 5-6 reps.

6th SET – Tear-down (remove weight) doing as many reps as possible
concentrate on acceleration of weight upward.

As you get stronger, add more w eight for 4th and 5th SET, which for the first several workouts may only be lifted 3-4 reps. Continue working at that level until 6 reps are achieved. Most important for muscle development – Avoid One Rep Max.

We also recommend that you keep your head up to help focus on the acceleration of the weight and maintain a good curvature of the back.

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Have barbell squats increased your muscle mass and strength?


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